Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Lime Eyelid - Week of Wonders (Self-Released, 2018)

Through the feverish haze of an influenza-turned-bronchitis epidemic that ravaged three quarters of my family, Week of Wonders was there.  Its ramshackle, ultra-lo-fi, sludge fed my disease and – along with a hefty dose of antibiotics – pushed me through to the other side, the healthy side (or at least I hope so).

The product of one Lime Eyelid (a.k.a. Josh Schultz), a drummer turned multi-instrumentalist who plays in the Brooklyn-based psych band Travelling Circle, this album takes the concept of private press to the extreme, right down to the sparsely decorated album sleeve.  Adorned only with text and what appears to be some sort of found family photo, the artwork is almost as bare bones as it can be.  The music, however, is pretty thick; codeine-based cough syrup thick; the contents of my infected sinuses thick; brain fog thick.  Its heft is what ultimately keeps it afloat in the mind, with little earworms of melody invading the grey matter, usurping traditional thought.

Only one of the songs has a title (the only one with words), the most straightforward of the bunch, “I Saw Waves”.  Its sparse electric guitar chords (drenched in space echo), falsetto vocals, and ghostly theremin unfurl like an LSD-lased rockabilly classic played in ultra-slow-motion.  The remaining tracks are pretty intense, and range from loping psych rock creepers to sludge-drone feasts.  Schultz plays everything: drums, synths, guitars, theremins, tapes, and ghostly vocalizing.  Each of these elements is wielded like a brick-layer’s trowel as he constructs each song, piece by piece.  The resulting miasma, although alien, is highly engaging, the perfect antidote for the evil sickness that invaded my body last week.

Lime Eyelid is as enigmatic as his music.  Those interested can try to reach out via SoundCloud for a dose of his psychedelic medicine.  Enjoy!